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Chicago's Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect Saturday

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An estimated 3.7 million plastic bags are used in Chicago each day. On Saturday, a citywide ban goes into effect.

They won't all disappear, but as CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez reports, supporters of the ban hope you'll start carrying your own reusable bags.

A new city ordinance bans stores that are more than 10,000 square feet from offering the plastic bags, steering consumers to more environmentally friendly reusable bags. Trouble is, in the case of Jewel-Osco, the reusable bag is, what else, plastic.

Jewel Osco says in a statement that: "The new reusable bag can hold up to 22 pounds and can be reused 125 times. For customers interested in a different type of reusable bag, Jewel-Osco is offering several styles beginning at 10 cents."

Jordan Parker from Bring Your Bag Chicago says the new bags defeat the purpose of the ordinance, and doubts people will ever reuse them, unless they pay.

"As soon as there's a fee attached it has more value and consumers are more likely to bring it back," Parker said.

Whole Foods shunned plastic years ago, in favor or 100 percent recyclable paper and says they haven't seen a down side.

The plastic bag ban extends to smaller chains and franchises in one year but independent small stores will not be affected.

A plastic bag ban also takes effect in Evanston this Saturday, where city leaders are asking everyone to think outside the bag.

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