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Chicago's Women's March Draws Thousands: 'This Is A Different Sense Of Urgency'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands of people showed up for the Chicago Women's March.

A much smaller crowd than previous marches, but with just a few weeks left to the midterm elections, some say this march is more important.

CBS 2's Audrina Bigos was there and has the story.

Saturday's march was different from previous rallies. This time around it's a march to the polls.

The message was clearer than ever before: get out and vote.

"I've been voting a long time and I've never felt that this was as important as it is now," said marcher Lydiea Davis.

This time around they're not just talking about it, but doing it. Pink hat-wearing marchers were seen at two polling sites in downtown Chicago. First time voters led the march to the polls. Others were not new to this.

"(This is) the most important election of my lifetime and probably the lifetime of basically everyone," said voter Kate Schechter.

The Women's March is not new to Chicago. A quarter million women and supporters showed up in January of 2017 following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Then, 300,000 people came out for a second Women's March back in January amid the #MeToo movement. What's different this time around?

"It feels more urgent," said Lance Williams.

"You can just feel it changing," added Jessica Winfrey.

Many said one thing energized them to come out Saturday.

"The whole Brett Kavanaugh thing just drove me over the edge," said Liz Flores.

Winfrey added "I think people are just so motivated after the Kavanaugh situation."

But frustrations have been building long before that.

"We are a government of the people and by the people," said one marcher. "And by god the people are going to change this."


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