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Chicago Volunteers Bring Back Homeless Pets That Survived Oklahoma Tornadoes

Keegan pet
Keegan. (Credit: Facebook)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Volunteers from PAWS Chicago are back in the city this morning with 79 homeless dogs and cats that survived the tornadoes in Oklahoma last month.

Chicago Volunteers Bring Back Homeless Pets That Survived Oklahoma Tornado

They survived a tornado - only to end up in Oklahoma shelters that are already bulging at the seams - where they were just days away from being euthanized.

Paula Fasseas, the founder of PAWS Chicago, says volunteers went to Oklahoma this weekend - and have just come back with 47 dogs and 32 cats from shelters.

Paws cat 1
A cat rescued from Oklahoma by PAWS Chicago. (Credit: Facebook)

Fasseas says every animal is a survivor of the storm. Some survived more than that.

Like the dog that was shot. Twice.

"And there was another dog that had been dragged by a car and the shelter people were so happy we took it because they were going to have to put him down. His time was up... He had been dragged. Tied to the back of a car and dragged.

"And the shelter personnel really loved this dog and asked us to take him. His name is Keegan, and he's a very sweet hound dog."

Fasseas says about 40 of the dogs and cats will be available for adoption July 1.

Paulette. (Credit: Facebook)

She says all of the animals were held at the shelters in Oklahoma for 30 days because they wanted to make sure the owners had a chance to get their pets back.

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