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Possible lightning strike leads to building fire in Chicago's Tri-Taylor neighborhood

Tri-Taylor building damaged by lightning strike
Tri-Taylor building damaged by lightning strike 02:14

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Lightning from storms Sunday afternoon damaged a building in Chicago's Tri-Taylor neighborhood. No one was injured, but portions of the building's facade began to crumble after it was struck. 

Around noon, fire officials were called to the building on Taylor and Bell for a call of a possible lightning strike. That possible strike caused a small fire on the second floor and caused portions of the building to crumble. 

Firefighters could be seen escorting a man from the building and picking up those heavy pieces of the building's facade as they tried to clear the sidewalk. Others could be seen on top of the building inspecting where the lightning strike possibly hit. 

An unoccupied unit in the building caught fire, and that's where firefighters could be seen knocking out windows and extinguishing the flames. 

One woman told CBS 2 she heard it all. 

"Lightning hit the roof," Angela said. I think I saw it because there was a huge thunderclap and with it was a big flash. So I'm thinking I saw it when it hit. And the third floor of the front of the building caught fire." 

It is unclear if anyone was displaced as a result of the fire. 

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