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Chicago Teens Share Stories Of Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Teens are speaking out about Chicago's gun violence epidemic.

Invited by former federal prosecutor Zach Fardon to address law students at Northwestern University.

The stories were raw.

Whether admitting to carrying a gun, or to feeling profiled by white officers, or just angry that Chicago gets ignored while the nation protests the Parkland Florida school shooting.

"We have hundreds of people that die every year, "says Solomon Smith of Kenwood. "We had no one walking for us. We had no nationwide walk out."

"To ask disenfranchised people to create change is ignorant," says Lauren Stewart of Beverly. "Because if you don't have power how are you going to do something?"

Meanwhile a new gun control measure in suburban Deerfield is under attack by the National Rifle Association.

On Monday, the village of Deerfield OKed a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

The move was spurred by the Florida school shooting.

On Thursday the Illinois State Rifle Association filed suit to block the ban.

Deerfield's ban goes into effect June 13.

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