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Chicago Teachers Union Demanding Action After Over 100 People In Woodlawn In Quarantine

CHICAGO (CBS)-- More than 100 people at schools in the Woodlawn neighborhood are in quarantine right now and the Chicago Teachers Union is demanding action.

In the past two weeks, 20 cases of COVID were reported. There were seven cases on Friday, causing 113 people into quarantine.

A fully vaccinated worker at Carnegie Elementary died last month from COVID.

His mother is furious with the shortages in support across the district.

"When i find out that COVID has been running rampant in this building in these classrooms and that my son died because correct protocols from Chicago Public Schools system on cleaning not just this school but so many schools in the city of Chicago, now I'm enraged. I'm not just hurt, I'm angry," Claudette Bush said.

Teachers want Chicago Public Schools to put everyone's safety first and go remote if they can't improve cleaning and ventilation measures.

The Department of Health is watching COVID cases at schools, but so far there are no plans to go back to remote learning.

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