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Chicago Syrians Gather For A Vigil To Show Support For Aleppo

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Chicago Syrians are lending a voice, adding their cries for help in Aleppo.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker spoke to local Syrians who still have family in the war-torn city.

"My message to you please save Aleppo."

Raz Chakour migrated from Syria three years ago, leaving behind relatives in Aleppo.

"They live in the stress, no food, no medicine," Chakour said. "That is what I heard from my relatives."

Chakour, a director of the Syrian Christians for Peace joined members of the Islamic community who are adding their voices to the call to help tens-of-thousands of Syrian civilians trapped in war-torn Aleppo.

"I'm more worried about my colleagues, the doctor and the nurses," said Dr. Zaher Sahloul

Dr. Zaher Sahloul was able to broker a deal that allowed most of the physicians to evacuate, but some 30 stayed behind.

"Yesterday, I was able to talk to them and they are scared they will be killed," Dr. Sahloul said.

The group fears for the safety of friends of relatives, despite news of a cease fire deal that includes mass evacuations.

"The regime has systematically and consistently violated cease fires and evacuations since day one," said Ahmed Rehab, Council on American Islamic Relations - Chicago (CAIR-Chicago).

An estimated 130,000 evacuated Syrian civilians could become refugees in need of a homes. One hundred-fifty Syrian refugees have already settled in Chicago. The group would like to see more in the city, and hopes the Trump administration will establish welcoming policies.

"His policies should reflect our values and aspirations of American people and right now the American people and civil society are in support of opening the doors for refugees," Dr. Sahloul said.

Tuesday night, Chicagoans of all faiths will join members of the Islamic community at their downtown center for a vigil to show support for the people of Aleppo.

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