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Organizations, institutions receive multi-million dollar donations to help city's children

Multi-million dollar donations given to help children in the city 02:39

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's been quite a couple of days for generosity in Chicago. Four multi-million-dollar donations will all help children in our area.

The money comes from big companies, a billionaire, and a millionaire who no one knew had all that cash.

CBS 2's Asal Rezeai reported from the Boys and Girls club in the neighborhood -- one of the organizations that will benefit.

One of the biggest donations, $8.3 million to be exact, will help these Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, and the good news doesn't stop there. A few other youth programs are getting some pretty big checks too.

"This is transformational. I mean, there's no other way to put it," said Chief of Staff Michael Crowley, Boys and Girls Clubs.

A donation of over $8 million dollars by Mackenzie Scott left staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago overjoyed.

She is the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos and a billionaire thanks to their amazon fortune.

"We're all looking to heal and build bridges and grow together."

They say it couldn't have come at a better time as their dealing with the impacts and aftermath of the pandemic.

"Our kids are coming back to us with significant levels of trauma and really just rough experiences over the past two years," Crowley said.

Two years that also had a huge effect on youth sports -- often getting canceled because of COVID-19. Now, the teams are all smiles as their communities from Englewood to North Park got over $2 million to improve neighborhood baseball fields.

Another milestone celebration is this one at Lurie Children's Hospital. $2 million stemming from a partnership with a utility company in hopes of providing more advanced care for young patients.

On the very same day, an unexpected $2.4 million gift to North Park University. From not only an alumnus but a Wilma Peterson -- a woman with quite the legacy.

"This gift, there's a dollar amount and then the impact that it has in really what it represents," said Michael Carr, North Park University.

Peterson recently died and left her estate to her alma mater.

She is described as the millionaire next door. No one knew the woman who lived a frugal life had so much money.

"It's so nice to have that gift and her trying to give back and making sure that legacy and that philosophy is secured today and going forward in the future," Carr said.

Almost $15 million in donations and while they're all going to different places, the common goal they all share is to help children in Chicago.

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