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Chicago Public Schools Says 2022 Budget Proposal Focuses On Schools, Students In Greatest Need

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Public Schools said its new 2022 budget proposal sends resources to the schools and students who need them most.

The $9.3 billion spending plan includes $225 million more for school budgets, and $672 million in capital spending for needs such as pre-K classrooms, accessibility for people with disabilities, and improving athletic facilities.

It also includes $1 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief, or ESSER, funding from the federal government to help schools recover from the pandemic.

"As we turn the chapter on COVID-19, it is imperative that we give all of our students the best chance at academic success and recovery from what has undoubtedly been a challenging 16 months," Mayor Lori Lightfoot. "Through this proposed budget, we will be able to provide our school ecosystem with the tools and resources they need to fully serve students who require the most support."

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