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Bond denied for man accused of murdering convenience store clerk in Chicago

No bail for man charged with murder in grocery store clerk's death
No bail for man charged with murder in grocery store clerk's death 02:31

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A judge has denied bond for a man accused of murdering a Chicago convenience store clerk during an attempted robbery last month. 

Jimmy Smith, 45, faces charges of first degree murder, felony murder and felony robbery. 

On Sunday the judge said he just can't overlook that a life was lost. 

Shadi Almomani, 43, was shot and killed Jan. 9, just steps away from his work. On Friday police arrested Smith, who they say murdered Almomani. 

When Smith appeared in court Saturday, the assistant state's attorney said Smith was a frequent customer and Almomani worked at Half Moon grocery store near 79th and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. 

Hours after the shooting owner Rami Kanann vowed to close the store for good. 

"It's not worth it. It's not worth it," he said. They just took my brother's life over what? Over money? We work. We make money." 

Prosecutors say a day before the murder, Smith told someone he was going to rob the store and he was going to get the money no matter what. 

According to court documents, Smith walked into the store an hour before it closed, did not buy anything, and walked back to his apartment. He then asked a person to help sell a sweatsuit near the store. 

The assistant state's attorney said the victim closed up and walked to his car behind the store with $1,000 in cash in his pocket. 

Prosecutors say Smith can be seen on surveillance cameras walking up, pulling a gun, and then pulling Almomani out and demanding his wallet. 

They say Almomani grabbed Smith's hand in defense, and Smith shot him in the head. They say he then ran back to his apartment with blood still on his face and told people inside he was involved in a robbery. 

"How easy to them to kill someone who has family. He loved his family," said Kanann. 

Prosecutors say officers found one shell casing near Almomani's body, along with Smith's backpack. 

Prosecutors say Smith has 13 felony convictions dating back to 1995. The judge says that gives him 13 reasons why Smith should not be near a gun. 

Smith's next court date is Feb. 28. 

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