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Chicago Massage Therapist Calls For Boycott Of 'The Client List'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago massage therapist trying to organize a nationwide boycott of an upcoming TV series, which she feels puts her licensed, regulated profession in an unflattering light.

As WBBM Newsradio's John Cody reports, the Internet trailer describes "The Client List" as the story of a Texas mom, who due to economic circumstances finds herself "working in a massage therapy place that gives a little something extra, if you will."

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio's John Cody reports


Massage therapist Courtney Lewis, owner of The Rub Chicago at 948 W. Huron St. in the River West neighborhood, says the program demeans her licensed massage practice and her clients.

"We're really hoping the whole community can come together here to support massage as a scientifically proven therapy," Lewis said.

Lewis estimates here are 300,000 massage therapists in the country with 100 clients each. She believes if all 30 million clients were to write the Lifetime network and boycott the show, it would be removed from the air along with its taint on her profession.

Lewis says she rejects the term "massage parlor" and prefers the term "massage office," and says the appropriate term is "professional massage" therapist instead of "masseuse."

She notes that anyone who sets up a massage office without appropriate training and state certification, then starts offering illegal services is subject to prosecution.

She says she has nothing personally against prostitution but says in the massage therapy profession, "We don't stand for that.'

The Lifetime cable show "The Client List," starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, is scheduled to premiere April 8.

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