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Chicago Making Up For Lost Time To Replace Trees

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago environmental leader says the ash borer, drought and a tough winter have left the city short of trees, reports WBBM's John Cody.

"I would say that the city is behind where is should be, but not in commitment," said Openlands Executive Director Gerald Adelmann.

Chicago Making Up For Lost Time To Replace Trees

Adelmann says Chicago is about four years behind in filling requests for trees and ranks poorly in terms of tree cover.

"As a city, it is about a little over 17 percent, that is where the trees form a canopy and there is shade protection and provide habitats and cleaner air and so forth. New York, their tree canopy is over 21 percent," said Adelmann.

But Adelmann says the city is well aware and has doubled its tree planting budget to restore the green canopy, trimmed by the ash borer and some bad weather, expected only to get worse.


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