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Chicago Joins Cities Around The World In Climate Change Protest

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands of people are taking their battle against climate change to the streets of Chicago.

They're part of a nationwide protest to send a firm message to lawmakers.

CBS 2's Vi Nguyen is in Grant Park with the story.

Protesters began gathering Friday morning at Grant Park and the plan is to march to Federal Plaza. Organizers said they want to send a message to lawmakers and businesses that something needs to be done to address the climate crisis.

Even before the march began in Chicago, demonstrations kicked off around the world, including Australia, just days before leaders are scheduled to meet at the UN Climate Change Summit in New York.

In Chicago, dozens of people made their way to Grant Park with home made signs ready to raise awareness. Some of them had to skip work or school to be here.

The Illinois Chapter of the Youth Climate Strike is organizing the protest. Serena Worley is the head of outreach in lllinois and she's expecting a large turnout.

She believes the time to act is now and said our world is already seeing the affects of climate change.

A rally will take place at Federal Plaza at noon where several speakers will take the stage.

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