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Chicago Housing Assistance Program Loses Federal Funding, Puts People's Housing Situations In Jeopardy

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dozens of families could to be kicked out of their homes, because federal funding for a Chicago housing assistance program has run out.

The homes are on Oglesby Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar was asking Monday, "Why now?" and took a look at what will happen to the families.

Trina Parker said she has been in and out of shelters since 2001. Daily chores in the kitchen may seem mundane, but for Parker, they are everything.

"You just don't know what it means to have a roof over my head – somewhere I can call my own," Parker said.

Parker said she has been living in her South Shore apartment since 2017.

"It's $1,100 to stay here," she said.

The majority of that is paid for by the Human Resources Development Institute, or HRDI, which in part funds its programs with federal money.

One of their services provides housing assistance for those who have faced homelessness, battled addiction, or lived with disabilities.

But a letter that was sent to Parker and 42 other families, said the funding has dried up. HRDI did not qualify this year for the federal funding – money they've relied upon.

"It's been heartbreaking," Parker said, "I've threatened to kill myself, but something keeps saying, 'Girl you've come this far.'"

With the financial help gone, Parker's housing stability once again in question.

"I would never want this to happen to anybody again – not having a home, living on the street – it's horrible," she said. "It's horrible."

HRDI and other social services are stepping in to try and help clear up some of the uncertainty for everyone in the program but that is still being worked out.

For weeks now, CBS 2 has been asking to talk with HRDI on camera. We have left messages, we called several times on Monday morning, and we even walked through the doors on Monday to speak with someone – but as of Monday evening, there had still been no response.

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