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Chicago Gyms Adjust To COVID-19 Restrictions To Reopen In June

CHICAGO (CBS) -- You can soon head back to the gym in Chicago, but it won't be the same old workout.

CBS 2's Jim Williams is looking at the strict new guidelines in the city for staying in shape.

The gym is a family affair for the Doyles. Peter and Michele Doyle and their teenage daughters are all members of the Lakeshore Athletic Club.

And when it re-opens, Peter will visit first. By himself.

"I will definitely go to the gym, see how the new layout is and check the protocols they've put in place and really determine if I feel like what they've put in place is safe and good for our family," said Peter Doyle.

Fellow member Julie Billings said at least initially, it's unlikely she'll use the entire gym.

"I may be using the rooftop and options up there in the outdoor space," Billings said. "As I'm more comfortable, I will be using different parts of the gym."

Those choices won't be up to any member of a gym anywhere in Chicago. The city is imposing its own rules on fitness clubs.

Locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms and childcare areas are closed. Group workouts only outdoors. Classes limited to 10. Inside, only one-on-one training.

That's a problem for a lot of gym members, according to the Lakeshore Athlete Club's Peter Goldman.

"One-on-one personal training? That's great for people who are rich who can afford it," Goldman said. "Doesn't really work for the majority of people who need a treadmill, weights and all the rest."

Goldman said Lakeshore has spent a quarter of a million dollars preparing its Lincoln Park and downtown locations for re-opening, buying UV light and electrostatic disinfecting stations, personal protection gear for employees and hiring an "inspector general" who'll use hospital grade ATP testing to measure actively growing micro-organisms, among other safety protocols.

With all that, Goldman is frustrated that large areas like the tennis courts will be off limits to most of Lakeshore's members.

"I'm sitting here with, I think a 168,000 cubic square feet of air on this court, so plenty of space for people to work out on a tennis court. That's not allowed," Goldman said.

He said since the club will not be allowed to fully open, Lakeshore will reduce members' monthly dues. The club said it'll be ready in early June.

Governor JB Pritzker's reopening plan calls for gyms outside Chicago to re-open, with restrictions, on Friday.

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