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Attacked in broad daylight with child, Chicago mother urges police to get suspect help

Chicago food blogger shares story of attack, hopes CPD finds suspect
Chicago food blogger shares story of attack, hopes CPD finds suspect 02:16

CHICAGO (CBS) — A stranger attacked a well-known Chicago food blogger in broad daylight in Wicker Park on Monday, and she wanted to share her story to urge authorities to help those with mental illness. 

"I walked this neighborhood every day. I live here. I love Wicker Park," said Kit Graham, who was walking with her daughter when a woman hit her. 

"Yesterday, I was walking home with my daughter at 12:30 in the afternoon. And a woman hit me in the face," Graham said.

Her three-year-old daughter was unharmed.  

"I do not know this person. She obviously seemed mentally ill. But I tried my best to avoid her, but she wound up and swung. Luckily, she just grazed my face. I was able to duck, but it was a very scary incident, especially with my child," Graham said. 

Graham quickly ran into a nearby store to call the police.

"And they didn't make it in time to make an arrest," Graham said. 

The woman got away. But she ran into the same woman again on Tuesday morning while taking her daughter to school. 

She said she stayed on the phone with police for 16 minutes before flagging down an officer passing by.

"Due to her mental illness, there really wasn't much they could do. They could take her to the hospital, but they could not arrest her. They told me I could not press charges. They warned me that she would be back out on the street and that she frequents this neighborhood," Graham said. 

After Graham posted about the incident on Instagram, other residents said they had run-ins with the woman. 

"It's really sad that there isn't a better solution for the city to help people with mental health problems. This woman just needs help. She needs to be taken off the street. And doing so would make Chicago a safer place," Graham said. 

CBS 2 contacted police to see whether CPD had picked up the suspect and taken her to a hospital. They said no one is in custody, and the incident is still under investigation.

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