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Chicago Company Expanding Efforts To Buy Mosquito Nets To Stop Disease In Nigeria

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The head of a Chicago mosquito control group says it's expanding efforts to buy mosquito nets which have already helped stop a terrible tropical disease in two states in Nigeria. WBBM's John Cody has more.

Lyell Clarke, head of the Clarke Group says the $5 mosquito nets drape over and tuck under a sleeping mat for three people and along with drugs have helped stop lymphatic filariasis which causes elephantiasis, "...which causes swelling of the extremities and genitals and it is really a socially devastating disease and it also prevents the people that get it from working."

The disease is caused by tiny parasitic worms which plug up the lymph system and lead to massive swelling of the lower extremities.

Clarke says one Mosquito net/tent is draped over and tucked under the sleeping mat of three people. He says an insecticide in the net discourages any persistent mosquitoes from wriggling inside the attack the family within.

The Carter Center says a combination of the mosquito nets and two parasite killing drugs, have eliminated the disease in the Nigerian states of "Plateau" and "Nasarawa."

Clark says the company and foundation together raised a half-million dollars for 100,000 nets and he plans to continue the program as long as the Jimmy Carter Center is fighting Elephantiasis in Nigeria.

Chicago Company Buying Mosquito Nets To Stop Disease In Nigeria

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