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Chicago Coffee Shops Closed As Investment Deal Sours

(CBS) -- Bow Truss has closed all 10 of its Chicago coffee shops, and owner Phil Tadros tells WBBM he's trying to see his way through "this interesting situation."

Every one of the Bow Truss stores is closed.

Employees were not paid last week and they have now walked off the job.

Bow Truss had agreed to sell a majority stake to businessman and TV personality Marcus Lemonis.

And Bow Truss and its founder Tadros were expecting hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Tadros says Lemonis stopped the flow of money and he accused Lemonis of lying about the deal.

"Marcus came in publicly as the owner -- to my staff and everybody -- and so I was put in a very unusual position. And I'm trying to see my way through this interesting situation," he says.

"I need to pay my people and figure out what happened and how this happened."

WBBM has tried to reach Lemonis.  He told Crain's: "The party is over."

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