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Terrified Victim In Rash Of Weekend Carjackings: 'This Has Changed The Way I Look At The City'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- When it comes to carjackings, Chicago Police have been busy lately.

From Beverly to Old Town, thieves are striking fast and furiously – and numbers are on the rise.

CBS 2's Jermont Terry on Monday talked to one of the latest victims, who was so terrified that he did not want to be identified.

"I'm slowly coming back to normal from the shock," the man said.

Over the weekend, the man – along with his wife – were victims in the latest round of violent carjackings in Chicago.

"We were just about to drive back," he said. "Two cars pull up to box our car, and then they come with a gun and point at me."

At least five people from Friday to Sunday ended up like that couple – looking down the barrel of a gun while simply driving or getting into their vehicles.

"This has changed the life, like the way I look at the city and the people around me," he said.

The Cook County Sheriff tweeted pictures of vehicles stolen in the weekend surge – minutes apart and possibly by the same crew.

Among them was an owner of a dark gray Audi Q5 that was rear-ended in the 200 block of North LaSalle Street near Lake Street downtown. When the driver got out to access the damage, the carjackers stole his vehicle at gunpoint.

Soon afterward, a black Porsche sport-utility vehicle was carjacked at gunpoint near North Avenue and Clark Street on the cusp of Old Town and the Gold Coast.

Terry asked the victim with whom he spoke if he feels safe in the city now.

The victim's answer was, "I don't."

CBS 2 has examined Chicago Police data. What we experienced this weekend speaks to the troubling spike in carjackings happening again in the city.

So far this year, 616 people have been carjacked. When you compare that to the same time last year, we had 308 carjackings through May 30, 2020 – and keep in mind that 2020 ended with a record 135 percent spike in carjackings too.

The latest victim knows many people don't always walk away.

"I'm glad we got out of it unhurt," he said. "But like, I really feel for the people who got hurt."

In the month of May, Chicago averaged four carjackings per day.

As for the man who was deliberately hit on LaSalle Street this past weekend, police are warning people that if you do not feel safe getting out of a car, you can always drive to the nearest police station.

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