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Chicago Blizzard 2015: Time Lapse Video

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- For the second time in four years, Chicago was hit by a historic storm on Groundhog's Day.

This 2015 storm (officially 19.3 inches) ranks as the fifth biggest in Chicago history.

The 2011 snowfall (officially 21.2 inches) ranks No. 3.

This time, the storm fell on a weekend, compared with the 2011 snow, which hit during the week and stranded motorists on Lake Shore Drive.

Just like in 2011, the time lapse videos show how the snow piled up.

Camera gets buried in the storm

Chicago Blizzard 2015 Timelapse by Matthew Denison on YouTube

A Buena Park neighborhood intersection

Chicago Blizzard 2015 (Time lapse) by Joey Chiappetta on YouTube

A city in motion

Chicago Blizzard 2015 timelapse by Ariel Manipol on YouTube

Digging Out In N. Suburbs

Blizzard FEb-1-2015 Time Lapse by lfsimon on YouTube

One unhappy planter

LMFAO!!! Guy Shovels Is Driveway

"Everyday I'm Shoveling" (2015 Chicago Winter ReMix) by Joseph LaGiglia on YouTube
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