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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields says he's waking up earlier to get more work in

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CHICAGO (CBS) – Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears will try to bounce back Sunday at home against the Houston Texans.

CBS 2's Jackie Kostek had the story on how the second-year quarterback is still putting it all together.

Fields does not see his 11 pass attempts during last Sunday's loss to Green Bay as a lack of confidence from offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and said the team isn't concerned about individual stats.

"Selflessness. If these are the plays that he thinks are going to win us the game, then I'm all with it," Fields said. "Our goal as a team, as an offense, is to win games, so nobody is looking at how many passes did I have, how many yards did I have. We're just trying to win the game."

After that didn't happen Sunday, words from a frustrated Fields about the loss hurting players more than fans because they are putting in the work blew up on social media. Fields wanted to clear the air on Wednesday.

"I respect every fan that we have," he said. "I'm glad that we have fans. I would never disrespect anybody on what they do or what they love to do. It came off like that and of course some social media outlets, they quoted my quote and got a big buzz out of it."

Fields said he's doing everything he can to learn from his mistakes, even getting up an hour earlier, around 5:40 a.m. to get in as much work as possible.

Fans can watch Sunday's game at Soldier Field on CBS 2 at noon, immediately followed by our postgame show.

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