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'We're Still Grinding': Bears Work For A Better Record On Sunday

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Another day, another round of questions for Matt Nagy to field about one Justin Fields.

CBS 2's Matt Zahn has insight into what the Bears have in store for their rookie quarterback after breaking him in last week.

Matt Nagy said the way they're using Justin Fields right now has all been a part of the plan. But is it more about helping the Bears win right now or helping Fields' development?

"In that instance, it's more for the strategic for the game," Nagy said. "But at the same time, you want to try to help him too by getting some of those snaps."

Whether it's Fields or Andy Dalton throwing the ball Sunday, the Bengals style of defense should allow for at least some downfield opportunities after the Bears didn't complete a single pass over 10 yards against the Rams.

"We were driving down the field. Wasn't mad about us not taking shots down the field," said Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney "Game plan was to nickel and dime them and get the running game going. We were able to get passes, but we didn't get the points."

"We're still grinding to get better, to find our identity. Excited to see how we're going to jump," said Bears tight end Jimmy Graham.

Graham is hoping for a jump of his own after playing only 14 snaps against the Rams, saying with a smile, he's always ready. Left tackle Jason Peters also seems to be trending towards playing after leaving the opener with a quad injury.

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