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Chicago Animal Rescue Group Says Feds Are Demanding Return Of Dogs Found In Warehouse

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago animal rescue group said the federal government is demanding they return more than a dozen French bulldogs the group has been caring for since they were discovered in a warehouse.

There are 15 dogs in all. Police said they came from Jordan and couldn't be released to their buyer because of bad paperwork.

A Good Samaritan spotted them.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue said the dogs were in bad shape, sitting in their own waste without food or water for days.

One of the dogs died before any rescue could be made.

"Nobody cared. 'Stick 'em in a corner. Whatever happens – they don't need to be here. Fly 'em back,'" said Mary Scheffke of Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, who was crying as she spoke. "They didn't care. They didn't care. One died the day before we picked the up. How many more would have died?"

The dogs are now in quarantine while rescue officials fight to keep them in the U.S.

The rescue group says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is demanding they be returned to Jordan. The CDC has not commented.

Earlier this month, we showed you another dog, a black Lab named Fin, who went through a similar ordeal.

Fin got stuck for two days after arriving before he could go home.


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