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Chicago Alderman's Office Burglarized

(CBS) – Like many areas of the city, the West Side's 27th Ward has more than its share of crime. But it's unusual when the latest victim of crime is the ward's alderman.

Surveillance video from early Friday tells the tale.

A suspect jimmies the lock on Burnett's office back door.

He doesn't stay long. A loud burglar alarm is blaring as he hurries through the office.

"The bike was right here, so he must have heard the alarm going off," Burnett tells CBS 2's Mike Parker. "He must have grabbed the bike and run off."

The bicycle was a Trek hybrid. The suspect jumped aboard and rode into the pre-dawn dark.

Chicago detectives told Burnett the thief left a few things behind, including fingerprints and the image of his face.

Burnett says he loves that bicycle so much, he might consider not pressing charges if the culprit simply brings it back and turns himself in.

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