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Pit Bulls Terrorize Chatham Neighborhood, Residents Say

(CBS) -- Attack after attack after attack. Pit bulls going after their neighbors.

It's happening near 87th and Blackstone, in the Chatham neighborhood.

CBS 2's Mike Parker spoke with some victims.

Sixty-six-year-old Roland Hayes came home from Trinity Hospital Friday evening, bandages covering both his forearms. He was mauled by two pit bulls outside his house late Friday morning.

"They had my cat in its mouth, and I went from there. Then they turned and attacked. So, I fought them off as best I could," Hayes said.

Folks in this quiet Chatham neighborhood have had enough. They say two pit bulls from a house down the street have now attacked five people in five months.

John May was the first.

"I was extremely scared. You have got two pit bulls, literally in your ears, snarling and growling," he says.

And biting, too. He still has scars on his arms and elbow.

The dogs seem to periodically escape from the yard behind a nearby house. Neighbors say they've been reporting the attacks since May.

After the latest attack, an Animal Care and Control officer came to the house, banged on the windows and front door, but got no response from inside.

Finally, after telling CBS 2 it's not a "dangerous dog" investigation, he taped an official order to the front door. It orders the residents to surrender their dogs to the department.

"They've got to be put down. They've tasted blood," Hayes said.

His cat did not survive the attack by the dogs.

Many people in the neighborhood say that because of those incidents, they've been afraid to let their kids play outside and to walk their own dogs.


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