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Chaos In Cicero: 2 Bystanders Shot Dead In One Incident, Liquor Store Looting Suspects Caught Hiding In Another

CICERO, Ill. (CBS) -- It was a chaotic afternoon of unrest in Cicero Monday.

CBS 2 has learned two bystanders were shot and killed by what police are calling outside agitators. It happened near 50th Avenue and Cermak Road.

Five hours later, detectives remained on the scene, and victims had yet to be identified.

It was one of several incidents in Cicero on Monday. Also, in video you'll only see on 2, men were hauled out by police after they were found hiding in the back of a looted liquor store.

Surveillance video showed at least a dozen looters ransacking the store. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar spoke with the owner Monday night.

Viewing the video, you will quickly lose count of how many looters were seen busting into El Patron Liquor Store in Cicero. They jumped the counter, trashed display cases, and broke bottles in just a few minutes as Cicero police arrived.

Chopper 2 showed officers using their batons to make arrests, attempting to detain some of the looters. A police dog was let loose, but the damage was done.

But Chet Patel, a friend of the liquor store owner, was brought to tears while hugging the officers who quickly cleared the business - saving what was left.

"Before I cried, the officer cried, and that's what made me cry," Patel said,
"and I said, 'This is not what is supposed to happened in our country.'"

"It's all about safety," said owner Sandip Patel. "This can all be replaced. Life cannot."

As the store cleared out, Sandip Patel and a group of neighbors cleaned up, but some of the looters never got out.

"I saw some movement in the top and I was like, we don't have nothing up there. What's moving?" said employee Emanuel Salgado said.

Salgado spotted the straggling looters on a back storage rack.

Police found a gun in a backpack, along with a pipe. Both men arrested

"Unfortunately, one guy had a gun. I mean, you never know," Salgado said. "You've got to react. It's a couple seconds and you got to react."

While Cicero did not issue a curfew, police did tell people to stay home and be safe.

Shortly after the incident at the liquor store, several people were running in traffic when a car struck at least three pedestrians. One person was taken away by stretcher. Their condition is unknown.

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