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Cell phone video shows elderly CTA rider brutally attacked on Red Line

Cell phone video shows elderly CTA rider brutally attacked on Red Line
Cell phone video shows elderly CTA rider brutally attacked on Red Line 02:48

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There is word of yet another attack on the CTA's Red Line. This time some hard-to-watch video shows an elderly passenger getting robbed and hit with a wine bottle. 

CBS 2's Shardaa Gray spoke with TeShaun Terry, who recorded the video. Terry turned down an interview for fear of retaliation. 

We asked why everyone stood and watched, but no one stepped in. Terry said she was in shock and fearful she would get assaulted as well. 

Terry can be heard yelling, "Oh my God" on the video she recorded early Sunday morning at the 95th Red Line station. It shows two suspects reach into the elderly victim's pockets. One of them pulls a full wine bottle out of the victim's jacket and hits him over the head with it. CBS 2 stopped the video before he was hit. 

The CTA responded to request for comment on the incident with the following statement:

This kind of behavior is absolutely reprehensible and should not happen to any CTA customer. CTA began working very closely with CPD immediately after this incident was reported, including sharing relevant video from our security camera system.

The Chicago Police Department responded with a similar statement: 

This behavior will not be tolerated in our city or our public transit system. We are working closely with CTA on this investigation to identify relevant surveillance footage of the incident and to apprehend the offenders. 

Police seek to identify 2 suspects who robbed, assaulted elderly man on CTA Red Line 01:58

And in the late afternoon, CPD issued a community alert. 

The first K-9 CTA units were deployed on the Red Line, specifically the 95th Street station, earlier this month. CTA signed a new contract with Action K9 to provide up to 100 unarmed guards and 50 canines per day, including supervision and supporting equipment across CTA rails for 18 months. The total cost for the team comes in just under $31 million.

Terry said she didn't see any officers, canines, or even workers Sunday morning. 

Terry also told CBS 2 that after she stopped recording, she called police immediately and filed a police report. 

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