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CDC Rules Regarding COVID-19 Postpone Some Evictions

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Millions of renters facing eviction because of the pandemic can stay in their homes -- at least until the end of the year.

The Centers for Disease Control, following an executive order by President Trump, is ordering a nationwide stop to evictions.

CBS 2's Jim Williams reports millions of renters are, no doubt, relieved.

The Centers for Disease Control's decision to temporarily stop some evictions is welcomed news. John Bartlett of the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.

"I think this will give people a little bit of stability and security, at least till the end of the year and so we're very supportive of this move," Bartlett said.

But not everyone facing eviction is covered by the federal government's moratorium.

*Tenants can't make more than $99,000 this year or $198,000 for those filing joint returns.

*Tenants have to certify they can't pay rent due because they've lost income.

*They must show they've made a good faith effort to at least make partial payments.

*And certify that an eviction would leave them homeless.

It appears the CDC order supersedes Illinois Governor JB Prtizker's moratorium on evictions in Illinois, which is set to expire this month.

Is that constitutional? CBS 2 asked attorney Michael Zink.

"There are arguments to be made about federalism and states being able to make their own laws about this kind of area of law," Zink said. "However when you're in a national pandemic, an emergency of any kind, especially a health emergency, I expect the CDC will fall back on those arguments heavily."

While Chicago property owner Stephen Rich said he's working with tenants struggling to pay rent, he's asking the federal government to consider the strain landlords like him are under.

"I never want to put anybody out on the streets," Rich said. "We're all in a pandemic right together. So I'm looking to help my fellow man, but I'm also looking to keep my head above water while this is happening because I have a family to feed as well."


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