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CBS 2 Weather Watcher Gets Up-Close Look At Texas Twister

(CBS) -- CBS 2 has hundreds of Weather Watchers across the Chicago area and many of them are real weather enthusiasts.

CBS 2's Ed Curran talked to one who traveled hundreds of miles to catch up with a Texas tornado

It's the dream of many weather watchers: to see a tornado up close. Tuesday afternoon, near Midland Texas, CBS 2 Weather Watcher Will Browning took a tornado photo and sent it to us. Since 2010 Will, who's from Oak Forest, chased storms with the College of DuPage. Two vans, packed with people, putting on the miles, looking for nature's fury.

"It gets very exciting," Browning said. "There's a lot of driving, a lot of hurry up and wait, but then when you get on that storm it's worth all the wait."

The storm that eventually dropped twin twisters. Will says the trips are fantastic, even when you don't have the luck of yesterday.

"I started, wanting to see tornadoes, however, after I've seen everything I have with COD, it's just a great experience whether you see a tornado or not," Browning said.

Will Browning has seen a total of 10 tornadoes in the years he's chased with the College of DuPage.

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