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CBS 2 Investigates: Inmates Being Released Early

CHICAGO (CBS)-- A murder victim's brother is outraged one of the killers is getting out of prison after serving only about half of his sentence. He contacted Dave Savini and our CBS 2 Investigator's who looked at this case and who else is getting out of Illinois prisons this year.

The crime scene is old, 1988, but the wounds are still fresh for the murder victim's brother Floyd Storey.

"Yeah I miss him," said Storey. "He was just a great kid and it was hard."

Floyd Storey's 26-year-old brother Ronald Roberts was stabbed 12 times and nearly decapitated by two teenagers robbing the Plitt Movie Theater he managed in Aurora in what was once called the Fox Valley Mall.

One of the teens, Joseph Pace now 40, is scheduled to be released from prison on Christmas Day, after serving only half of a 48-year sentence.

"Why would you want somebody in society, or around any other person, who is that sick to do something like that," said Storey.

While he is angry about Pace being released, CBS 2 obtained Illinois Department of Corrections data to see who else is being set free. We found 20,216 inmates being released from prison this year.

More than 400 inmates convicted of murder and manslaughter are being released.

"He [Joseph Pace] still has a life ahead of him," said Storey.

Many released inmates will find new victims. Nearly half, about 10,000, will end up back in prison within three years according to statistics. Studies show the recidivism rate does go down when inmates participate in educational programs, job training and placement services.

Sex offenders have the highest recidivism rate. Nearly 1,300 are being released this year; 60% will likely be arrested again within 3 years.

"How do you let a child sex offender out of jail early or a person who brutally murdered somebody," said Storey.

Other inmates being released this year include more than 900 convicted for breaking into peoples' homes; more than 1,500 convicted on weapons offenses; more than 5,500 drug offenders.

Storey's brother was killed before the 1990's and Truth In Sentencing laws which forces killers to serve 100% of their sentence. Most other criminals can still earn credits and get out of prison early.

Storey knows there is nothing he can do to keep his brother's killer behind bars. As he says -- the law is the law. However, he wants the tragedy of what happened to his brother to be remembered.

The second killer in this case, Thomas Olds, is scheduled to be released in 2018.

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