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Caught In The Act: Postal Worker Throwing Packages At Front Door

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A mail carrier, caught in the act, of saving a few steps by throwing packages at the door.

Late mail. Lost packages. Unanswered complaints. And now thrown packages. Mike Cole said he has had it with the Mount Greenwood Post Office.

"I heard a bang at the door," Cole said. His home surveillance video showed the mail carrier walking halfway up the driveway Tuesday before tossing a package at the front door.

"I'm assuming it was this first package that was thrown. It did hit the storm door of my house," Cole said.

Then a second much larger box goes flying.

"It's just not acceptable," he added.

While the smaller box contained a sturdy Christmas toy, Cole said the package could have shattered his glass door. And while a filter inside the package wasn't damaged, the mail carrier had no idea what was in the box.

"It could've been an ornament or a gift that's very fragile. It could've been anything," said Cole.

That mail carrier was making his rounds Wednesday. When asked if why he was throwing the packages around, he turned his back, refusing to answer questions.

Cole, who runs a business from his home, said it's not just the mail carrier turning his back on the problems. He's filed complaints about checks that arrived a month late and missing packages, but never heard back from the Mount Greenwood Post Office or Inspector General.

So when he saw his packages sailing across his front yard...

"I was angry. This just was the straw that broke the camel's back," Cole said. "I'd just like to see this post office work for the residents."

A spokesperson for the USPS said throwing packages is clearly unacceptable behavior and said all of Cole's complaints are being investigated. Cole said until things improve, he's taking all of his mail and packages to nearby Chicago Ridge.

Cole said since posting his video to Facebook, he's heard a number of complaints from other residents. He hopes his story will bring some action.

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