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Catholic Activists Encouraged By Church's Shift On Gays, Divorce

(CBS) -- The Vatican meeting of bishops and lay-people seems to be brightening the outlook of social activists within the church, reports WBBM's John Cody.

The Vatican report suggested a more welcoming stance towards divorced, unmarried couples and noted gays and lesbians also have gifts and qualities to offer the church.

Ellen Euclid, the program director of Call to Action, a group of some 25,000 Catholic activists, explains words from the Synod on the family are encouraging.


"It talks about the pastoral needs of those families like single parents, divorced and remarried, interfaith couples and also LGBT families," Ellen Euclid, the program director of Call to Action.

Euclid says this is still a long way from same sex marriage but she says the Catholic Church often takes a while to get where it's going and she's heartened by the recent report from Rome.

Saint Clement's Pastor Ken Simpson agrees the Catholic Church is a long way away from same-sex marriage, "but recognizing people's gifts, recognizing people's desire to live a holy life, I think the Church wants to be helpful in that."

Father Simpson did not say the new direction will increase Catholic Church attendance, but he did suggest it would make those now attending feel more at home.

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