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Car Windows Smashed On Janssen Avenue In Lakeview

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Imagine waking up to find your car window smashed. Police said it happened several times this week to vehicles parked on the same street in the Lakeview neighborhood.

Police said there have been six reports this week of vandals smashing the front or rear passenger side windows on Janssen Avenue. In one case, the victim's car was stolen.

"I hope these people stop doing this," said Jeff Sznapstahaler, who walked outside Monday night and learned he no longer had a passenger side window. "All the glass is completely shattered."

He parks in the 3500 block of Janssen.

"I was just, like, dumbfounded," he said. "I wasn't really mad. I was just, like, disappointed. Why would someone do that, break into my car?"

The crimes happened during the day or evening blocks. Two incidents were reported on the 3500 block of North Janssen, two were on the 3600 block, and two were on the 3900 block.

The most recent case happened Wednesday morning near Janssen and Bryon. The victim's car was parked on the side of the street, when someone tried to smash the driver's side window.

Another victim said it happened to her on Sunday. Her car was parked near Janssen and Addison, when thieves smashed her front passenger's side window, and stole several items inside, worth less than $10.

"I just think that's crazy," Sznapstahaler said. "We're right by Addison right there, and there's a lot of people going by. It's a nice neighborhood."

The neighborhood is less than a mile from a parking garage across from the Vic Theatre, where security video shows someone breaking windows and rummaging through cars on April 1 and 2.

Police have not said whether the crimes are related to the Janssen broken windows.

"It's really disheartening," said Kerry Bennett, who bought a new car Friday and is afraid to park it in the area. "We're moving to Maine in a couple weeks, and I'm not picking it up until we're wheels up out of Chicago. Because I just don't trust that it will be safe on the street."

Sznapstahaler also has a new car. He said he got his a few weeks ago.

"I hope these people stop doing this, especially if they're not even taking anything. Just stop doing it," he said.

He said he will have to keep parking on Janssen because he has no other option.

Chicago police say property was stolen from at least one of the cars on North Janssen.

Police have not released a suspect description.

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