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Roselle Man Arrested In Capitol Riot Says He Has No Regrets

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Two Chicago area men who were arrested during the crisis at the Capitol are facing charges, including one federally, but one says he has no regrets.

David Fitzgerald said he spent a night locked up after he was arrested for curfew violations in Washington, D.C. He returned to his home in Roselle Friday and said what he saw in D.C. wasn't good, but he has no regrets.

Fitzgerald live streamed his day in D.C. -- even his arrest. He was booked for breaking the 6 p.m curfew, and he was on federal property.

"Unfortunately I got arrested," he said. "OK, yeah. Guilty of curfew violation. OK. I'm a sinner, you know."

Fitzgerald said he did not go inside the Capitol, but he was a couple hundred feet away from the violent chaos. 

"We could see the Capitol," he said. "And we're like, 'Are people climbing that?' And they were. I know what happened. I saw people in there. That's not good. We even heard people died, and I'm like what?"

But he has no regrets.

"What would I regret?" he said.

Brad Ruksales from Inverness was also arrested in the siege of the Capitol. He now faces federal charges for storming inside. He even admitted to roaming the halls in an exclusive interview with CBS 2.

Friday Rukstales was fired from his job as CEO of suburban based tech company Cogensia.

"I had nothing to do with charging anybody or anything," he said. "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I regret my part in that."

Prosecutors say nothing is off the table when it comes to elevating charges for those arrested.

"Upgrade my charges to whatever you want," Fitzgerald said. "I know what I did. I know what I didn't do."

Police reports from Fitzgerald's arrest say he was asked three times to leave the Capitol grounds, and he did not. He pleaded not guilty.

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