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Cameras Catch 'Stroller Bandits' Stealing From Wicker Park Pizzeria

CHICAGO (CBS) -- They looked like any other Chicago family inside a pizza shop, but they were after more than just a pizza. Security cameras rolled as the group pulled off their crime and now the restaurant's owners want to know who they are.

CBS 2's Chris Martinez reports that Scott Toth, the owner of Craft Pizza at 1252 N. Damen Ave., has dubbed the group the "Wicker Park Stroller Bandits."

The surveillance video shows a group enter the pizzeria with a stroller and one woman places and order at the counter. When the clerk's back is turned, the woman is seen taking a $10 bill from the tip jar. She places the money inside a take-out menu and places it in the stroller.

"We we're just amazed that a group of kids so young looking had the nerve to come in to our restaurant and steal from the tip jar," Toth said.

And you'd think that would be enough, but they weren't done. The group strolled to the back of the restaurant and one of the kids climbed over a locked gate. The kid then opened the gate and took off with one of the employees' bicycles.

Aaron Johnson, a cook at the restaurant, says his bike cost about $650.

"If something's not yours don't touch it, that's the bottom line," said Johnson. "That's as clean and as nice as I can put it."

The restaurant is offering a reward to get the bike back. Tips can be sent to

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