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'But Wait, There's More!' Exhibit Features Ron Popeil's Greatest Gadgets

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Remember all those "Ronco" gadgets and commercials? They're being remembered again in an exhibit at the Elmhurst History Museum called "But Wait, There's More!"

The exhibit, which is free and runs through September, remembers fun and sometimes silly products brought to life by Ron Popeil and his family - such as The Pocket Fisherman, the Chop-O-Matic, and Mr. Microphone.

Chicagoan Ron Popeil was a tireless innovator, clever inventor, and irrepressible pitchman who entered American homes with an endless array of gadgets and kitchen helpers; all designed to save time and money for consumers.

"This is a good Chicago story from the standpoint that the Popeil family – Samuel and his brother – started the company coming over from New Jersey and New York," said Elmhurst museum curator Lance Tawzer. "They cut their teeth at Maxwell Street."


Tawzer said some visitors have said they never thought they'd see this stuff in a museum.

"In and of itself, doing a museum exhibit about consumer products isn't that unique, but this is more of a cultural history exhibit. This is more about these two companies that produced these products that came into our lives and lived there for quite a while," he said.


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