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Business Owners Taking Precautions After Rash Of Burglaries In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Video shows a determined burglar in Pilsen using what appears to be a long wooden plank to maneuver a cash register out of place until it falls on the floor. This comes as Chicago Police sent alerts for multiple strings of business burglaries.

Local security expert Simone Ayala said work is not slowing down as crime has calls coming in every day to her West Side company.

As seen in the video, basic security measures are not stopping these burglars.

The burglar used the plank to move the cash register at the Pilsen nail salon until they were able to pull it out of the window last Monday, even with metal bars that block it.

Silvanna Abraham, owner of the salon, already had to get a security system installed.

"Other than that, we don't know what else we can do," she said.

The search for solutions is ongoing for many as Chicago Police put alerts out for multiple strings of burglaries around the city, including four in the last week, from the Near West, Near North and South sides. Both corporate and mom and pop businesses have been affected.

"They're fearful. They're fearful for their business," said Ayala.

Ayala's company isntalls security shutters over business windows citywide.

"We get a lot of calls," she said.

Steady inquiries are coming in all year round. Her family owned company even had to hire more staff from a busy last year to keep up with demand. She said interest from downtown businesses is especially ramping up.

"It's hard to say because business is good. This is what we do. We provide a service, but it's also a little bit disheartening because why business is good," she said.

Their service demand is also reaching the suburbs, and there is a growing interest from people wanting them for their homes.

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