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Burglary Suspect Found Bloodied In O'Hare Airport Hangar

CHICAGO (CBS) -- He was bleeding and his clothes were torn.

That's how sources describe a man captured after running on the runway at O'Hare International Airport on Tuesday.

CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli has the story about the serious security breach.

O'Hare is one of the busiest airports in the world. The security there is some of the tightest in the world. But it didn't stop a suspected burglar desperate to get away after sources said he broke into a business about 11 miles away.

It started at a T-Mobile off busy Irving Park Road in Hanover Park. It was before dawn when sources said a small group of burglars decided to break in.

But they didn't go through the front. And they didn't go through the back door either. It's not clear why.

What is clear is that the crew of burglars was determined.

That's because a surveillance camera is about 20 feet away from a wall where they smashed through the first five inches of brick, then through cinder blocks before crawling inside and stealing any valuables they could get their hands on.

The three burglars, according to sources, then made their way back out of the business and attempted to make their getaway by driving east.

But police chased them through the suburbs until they made it as far as O'Hare and the intersection of Thorndale and York Road. That's where their Kia ended up in a ditch.

One of the burglars scaled the fence at the airport cutting himself on the razor wire. He made his way onto the airfield and spotted in a Delta Airlines hanger.

The suspect was barefoot and bloody. A gym shoe was later recovered stuck in the razor wire at the top of the fence.

The suspect, who has a criminal record dating back to 2009, was transported to the hospital where he is not cooperating with police.

He was caught, according to sources, with two brand new phones still in their boxes. It's unclear if they were from the T-Mobile store but CBS 2 was told the man has a criminal history that includes burglaries.

The other two suspects remain on the loose.


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