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'Dear Diary, Today I Just Want To Die': CPS 7th Grader Bullied By Peers

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Summer vacation is on the horizon, but one Chicago Public School student can't wait for break - a break from bullying.

"Dear Diary, today I just want to die," the seventh grade student wrote.

She said she's been called names and kicked multiple times this year at Niños Heroes Elementary School. Despite a teacher-parent meeting this fall, the bullying continued and got so bad, the student started writing about suicide in her diary.

"I want my life to be over with," she wrote.

Now the child meets with a counselor at school and administrators created a safety plan. But the girl's mother, Sakina Crosby, said it isn't being followed.

"What's the point of the safety plan if she's still getting bullied," Crosby asked.

CPS said safety plans are always able to be reviewed. Crosby said a teacher laughed at her when she tried to make changes.

Help is out there.

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. It's free and someone will always pick up the phone.


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