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Bulls To Pick Up Thibodeau's Option, Resume Extension Talks Soon

By Adam Hoge-

CHICAGO (CBS) Just to end any hint of doubt, Tom Thibodeau will be the head coach of the Chicago Bulls next season.

General manager Gar Forman said Tuesday that Thibodeau's option will be picked up and they will resume talks about a longterm extension soon.

"Obviously Tom's option will be picked up," Forman said at a press conference at Rush University Medical Center Wednesday. "We started having conversations about an extension with him in the fall and we hope to continue those discussions now that we are in the offseason."

The press conference was held to provide an update on Derrick Rose's knee surgery, which was deemed successful by Dr. Brian Cole. Rose's ACL tear and other injuries throughout the season casted some doubt about Thibodeau's future because many thought the head coach overused the banged up point guard. The Bulls' silence on a contract extension didn't help, but it appears the team still wants Thibodeau to be the head coach beyond next season.

"Obviously we value Tom greatly," Forman said. "We value what he brings to the organization, what he's brought to the team. We think he's one of the finest coaches in the league and we're hopeful he'll be our coach long term."

Forman's words weren't the only indication that the team still trusts Thibodeau. The head coach happened to be in the room when the question about an extension was asked and Forman looked at Thibodeau and joked that he had the reporter ask the question. Thibodeau immediately laughed and approved of the question. The fact that the subject could be addressed without any tension indicates all is well between the two parties.

Of course when Thibodeau was later asked about it, he remained status quo.

"I'm not worried about that," he said. "Those things all take care of themselves."

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