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Bullets Discovered At Two La Porte Co. Schools In Two Days

(CBS) -- Is it a prank or something far more sinister?

That's what deputies in La Porte County Indiana are asking after they found bullets at two high schools in back to back days, reports CBS 2's Chris Martinez.

"You know, my first reaction is I was scared, it seems to be becoming a reoccurring problem in schools lately," said parent Dave Armstrong.

The first bullet was found Tuesday on a classroom floor at New Prairie High School. Then today, just over 30 miles away, another bullet was found in the girls PE locker room at South Central High School.

It turns out, they're not a rare find this year. Since October, deputies have now investigated seven bullets found at schools in La Porte County and one found on a school bus.

Both schools this week were placed on lockdown. Deputies hand searched every locker on campus, even using a canine at one as part of the inspection, but neither search led to any weapons.

"I think kids are just figuring out a way that they can lock the school down and skip out of class or something for a little while," Armstrong said.

"I think that people are being very, very reckless and I don't think they realize the safety that we need to provide for our students and staffs in schools and I don't think they realize the implications of leaving a bullet just lay around," said Captain Michael Kellems with the La Porte County Sheriff's office.

Deputies are now monitoring social media to see if it is connected to any threats, but so far none have been found.

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