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Buffett Concert-Goers Angry After Lawn Seating Turns Into Mud Bath

CHICAGO (CBS) -- He sings about cheeseburgers in paradise, but some Jimmy Buffett fans say they got mud baths in hell at a weekend concert in Chicago.

It was her maiden voyage and for many a right of summer.

"It's always one of the highlights of the summer," said Eric Przybylski.

However, the lawn section devolved into mud from newly laid sod. The mud bath was not part of a greater spa experience for Jennifer Hill.

"It ended up being a giant smelly sewer mud pit disaster," said Hill.

Hill explained what she said was the worst of 100 Buffett concerts she'd been to, right down to the beer.

"They were just warm $12 beers. Everything about it was a nightmare," said Hill.

"At that point about the fourth song, I left for the night," Eric Przybylski.

As for the offer to make it right to concert goers by letting them come back to another concert for free, Eric Przybylski said, "I don't think I could go back there; not on the lawn."

The free tickets are also available at Tinley Park and Alpine Valley. The company, Live Nation, never called CBS 2 back and only issued a release. They blamed the mud on heavy rain through June; one foot more than normal for the first six months of the year..

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