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Bruce Rauner Comes Out Against Medical Marijuana

(CBS) -- Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner today revealed he opposes the legal use of medical marijuana, prompting a blistering response from the Democratic lawmaker who wrote the law.

"Medical marijuana is not something I've supported but it's not a big issue for me either way," he said. "I think there are other priorities."

Rauner's comments came at a news conference highlighting what he says are shortcomings in the application process for medical marijuana growers and sellers.

State Representative Lou Lang (D-Skokie) called Rauner's comments, "heartless" and "appalling."

"That means he would have vetoed the opportunity for some of the sickest people in our state to get a product they need to improve their quality of life," Lang said.

The window closes next Monday for those hoping to get the state okay to grow or sell legal marijuana.

Representative Lang estimates as many as 60 dispensaries and 21 growers will get approval.

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