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Bruce Rauner's Birth Year Mistake

CHICAGO (CBS)--A factual error that began in 1963 with a newspaper article about Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's family has continued to spread across the internet for decades.

It's Rauner's birth year--which is cited as 1957 everywhere from Rauner's official Facebook page to the National Governors Association website.

Rauner Birthday Mistake

A campaign ad put out by Rauner's campaign for governor this week showed his childhood home in suburban Deerfield, prompting CBS 2 to look into his past as a child growing up in the Chicago suburbs.

A Chicago Tribune article that ran in 1963 shows an 8-year-old Rauner with his family.

A check of Rauner's birth certificate shows his birth year was actually 1956, a year earlier than the year widely-published.

Rauner's campaign staff on Thursday acknowledged the mistake, and his Facebook page had been changed to the correct year on Thursday.

But it may take the rest of the internet some time to catch up, however. His Wikipedia page still cites his birth year as 1957.



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