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Briggs: Not Stopping 'Til I Get A Ring

(WSCR) Before the start of the 2012 season, the age of the defense was a major concern.

Just look at Lance Briggs, who turns 32 next month. Briggs, who has been voted to seven straight Pro Bowls, is in his 10th season with Bears.

Though he's been playing one of the world's most violent sports at the highest level for more than a decade, he's not quitting until he accomplishes his goal.

"Peanut asked me, 'How many (years) would you like to play?' I said, 'Maybe three or four, then we walk away from it' but I also said, 'We gotta get a ring,'" Briggs told Laurence Holmes.

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This season, the Bears defense that features a 34-year-old Brian Urlacher, a 32-year-old Julius Peppers and a 31-year-old Charles Tillman is leading the lead in takeaways as it dominates opponents.

"Like a fine wine," Briggs said of the defense's ability to remain productive. "... I just go out and play football. I love playing football and that's what I do. That's what we all do. Nothing that anybody says about us is going to make us play worse or play better."

Though Briggs expected the Bears defense to be tough this season, even he didn't think they would be this dominant.

"I knew going into this year that it was going to be an exciting one, just looking at our schedule, looking at the expectations, looking at all the moves that were made in the offseason," Briggs said. "I knew that it was going to be entertaining for the fans, for the defense, for the offense, for everyone on the sidelines or that's in the stands or watching the game. I knew that. It's even more than I thought it was going to be."

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