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Bridgeview's SeatGeek Stadium prepares to host first-ever Sacred Rose festival

Bridgeview's SeatGeek Stadium prepares to host first-ever Sacred Rose festival
Bridgeview's SeatGeek Stadium prepares to host first-ever Sacred Rose festival 02:20

BRIDGEVIEW (CBS) -- The work week just began for most of us but let's look ahead to Friday when a one-of-a-kind music festival kicks off in the suburbs. It's unique not just in what you'll hear but also in what you'll see.

Morning Insider Lauren Victory gives us a preview of the funky weekend.

From slabs of concrete to splashes of color, a lot of work needs to happen in a few short days on the fields and gravel next to SeatGeek stadium in Bridgeview where the first-ever "Sacred Rose" festival will happen on Friday the 26th through Sunday the 28th.

"It's really incredible what it turns into from what it begins as," said Michael Berg, founder of the festival referring to the transformation that'll take place to bring "Americana bands, bluegrass, funk, indie rock, psychedelic rock and jam bands" to SeatGeek. Those genres have never before been offered to the Chicago area in a 3-day long event, he said.

Greensky Bluegrass plays Sunday. Guitarist Dave Bruzza tells CBS 2 that booking the gig was a no-brainer. He calls Sacred Rose organizers "forward thinking."

"With the lineup, it seems like they're really striving to put together a really great experience for the listener," Bruzza said.

The experience goes beyond music. Multi-sensory artistic displays will be scattered across festival grounds like "The Incindia Fire Lounge" with domes that spew fire and "The Rainbow Lounge" with flashy lights and hammocks. "The Laser Dome" features a lights show and air conditioning.

"You don't have to rush to the front of the stage to experience the music. You can maybe like get off of your feet and lay with your best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or your partner," said Berg.

"It's nice to go to a well thought out kind of plan. Rather than just a stage in the field somewhere," said Bruzza from Greensky Bluegrass.

The name "Sacred Rose" pays homage, in part, to musician Bert Rose.

"He'd be pretty proud of this one," said Berg. Rose is his grandfather. "The first night of the festival is actually a five year anniversary of this passing."

More than 50,000 people are expected at the meaningful and momentous weekend.

Sacred Rose organizers get a tiny break then host another festival at SeatGeek the following weekend.

That's called "North Coast" and features electronic dance music.

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