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Niece Of Brian Urlacher Suspended From School For Refusing To Wear Mask

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The niece of Brian Urlacher is suspended from school for refusing to wear a mask. Her mom tells CBS 2's Meredith Barack they plan to take legal action.

"My child's body and her health and medical devices that are used on her is between me and her doctor, not between the governor and me and the school," said Sheri Urlacher.

Sheri Urlacher said her daughter NaTalia, a freshman at Fremd High School in Palatine, showed up for her first day of school Thursday without a mask. The school offered her one, she took it, and then proceeded to class.

"They asked her several times to put the mask on. She ended up just putting it under her chin, which is also where most the other students wear their masks," said Sheri.

Sheri said her daughter, who has a medical mask exemption, didn't argue when asked to put it on, yet ended up with a one day suspension anyway. Sheri said she wants the school board to provide scientific data that masks aren't harmful to children wearing them for more than 30 hours a week.

"No one can provide this data to me, so I don't, I can't participate in the child abuse of my child," she said.

According to Urlacher, NaTalia returned to school Friday and wore her mask like the other students do- under her chin.

But this doesn't mean Urlacher is giving into the mandate.

"I've been talking to attorneys since yesterday," Sheri said.

CBS 2 reached out to the district about the suspension. The districted responded by saying they are following the state of Illinois' mask mandate and a student's refusal to wear a mask poses a potential threat to the safety of other students and staff.

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