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Bicyclist Dead After Being Trapped Under Tour Bus Downtown

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A bicyclist was killed, pinned underneath a tour bus after a collision downtown on Wednesday, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

Bike Accident Victim
Blaine Klingenberg was killed after he collided with a tour bus. (Credit: Facebook)

The cyclist, Blaine Klingenberg, 29, was trapped under the double-decker bus near Michigan and Oak Street around 5:30 p.m.

Firefighters had to use large air bags to lift the bus, owned by Chicago Trolley and Double Decker, to get underneath to remove the cyclist.

He was later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Authorities at the scene said the bicyclist was part of a group riding north on Michigan Avenue at Oak Street.

Police said the cyclist disregarded a red light and attempted to turn left onto Oak Street. He came too close the bus, which was traveling west on Oak Street, and fell beneath the bus.

"We saw this bicyclist completely blow though a red light and almost get hit by a couple of cars and when we saw that happen, we said this bicyclist needs to slow down or he's going to get hurt," said witness Jimmy Howard.

Although the driver and some of the passengers aboard the bus were slightly shaken up, all refused treatment, a fire department spokesman said.

Although officials were told initially that the bicyclist was in his 50s, they said later that he was 29 years old.


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