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Boy Hit By Bus Makes Miraculous Recovery

(CBS) – A 12-year-old boy is home from the hospital only three weeks after being hit by a CTA bus.

Seventh-grader KeShon Newman practices his balance with a few free throws at La Rabida Children's Hospital. It was only three weeks ago when he was hit by a bus while chasing after his dog, Chrissy.

"Last thing I remember was walking out the door, walking my dog, then waking up in the hospital," the young man says.

His mother, Darlene Jones, says after her son was hit, the dog ran home and alerted her that something terrible had happened.

"That dog coming home made all the difference. I have to give Chrissy the biggest dog bone in the world," she says.

Keshon Newman
Keshon Newman is reunited with his dog, Chrissy. (Lisa Fielding)

KeShon suffered a brain hemorrhage, a collapsed lung, several fractures and internal bleeding.

"The kinds of injuries he had could well have killed many people, but he's very fortunate that they didn't," said Michael Hobaugh, La Rabida's medical director of inpatient services.

He had serious balance issues, greatly diminished strength and endurance and was unable to eat by mouth due to the facial fractures. But after weeks of recovery and therapy, KeShon went home on Friday.

He also reunited with his dog, who he says saved his life.

"Makes me really happy that I get to hold her again," said KeShon, with tears in his eyes.

KeShon's father Marcus Newman says his son is not only a survivor but a miracle.

"I'm just happy I'm walking out of here with my son," he says. "Today is a wonderful day."

Boy, 12, Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Hit By Bus


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