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Bowen: No Cornerback Can Consistently Cover Marshall

(WSCR) It may be weird for some Bears fans to see such a dominant force line up at wide receiver.

After all, it's been awhile - if ever- since the Bears have had a wide receiver like Brandon Marshall. In his Bears debut, Marshall caught nine balls for 119 yards and a touchdown.

NFL expert Matt Bowen said with Marshall size and athleticism, no cornerback in the league can consistently cover him.

"That's something that Bears fans have to get used to, because they haven't seen that in a long time - maybe ever here in Chicago," Bowen told The Boers and Bernstein Show. "He is that good when he gets the football. I think he's going to get the football a lot this season. Look at matchups in the NFC North. You have to remember that Charles Woodson is playing inside now in Green Bay at the safety position. I don't think there's a cornerback that can consistently check Brandon Marshall at the line of scrimmage."

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Bowen explained that it doesn't matter if Marshall is seemingly covered, he's still getting the ball because he possesses the ability to find the football.

"When Brandon Marshall is covered, the ball is still going there," Bowen said. "Jay Cutler proved that. That ball is going there, because (Cutler) has so much confidence in (Marshall.) If I was a quarterback, I'd be thinking the same way. Go back to the touchdown (Marshall) had on the goal line against (Nate) Davis. The cornerback for the Colts immediately opened his hips and thought it was a fade route. What does Brandon Marshall do? Because he's bigger, faster and stronger, he just turns around and shields the guy off. That's so easy. That's almost too easy. That's what you get with Brandon Marshall."

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